Sunday, July 12, 2015

White Water Rafting in Colorado!

White water rafting has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager and I finally got to go last weekend! My knee has been healing nicely and it did well on the raft (I sat on the left side, since it's my right knee with the issues and it wouldn't be stressed as much on that side of the boat).


Matt and Lori, Jim and I, and another couple (who had the GoPro that recorded the video below that they so graciously sent to us!) paddled the Arkansas River, Numbers section, Class 4+ in Buena Vista, CO. The snowmelt was huge this year so it was running fast (normally a 2.5 hr trip only took us a little over an hour). I didn't buy the CD with pictures, but I was grinning in every single one of them!


Lori and I were the smallest and so the guide put us in the back because he needed the cg further back in the boat to better set up for the rapids, so we hit the biggest rapids back there but Lori wisely requested we move up to the front at the end and we caught some Class 2 action there.

The knee did great, my fingers and toes didn't turn blue from the cold water, and I had some fantastic (really, it was great!) muscle soreness the next day to prove I had paddled hard :). Also, no one fell out of the boat!