Monday, April 23, 2007

Holy Bikini Batman!

Can you believe it!? Not only do I now own a very pretty new laptop (Dell Inspiron E1505...with all the bells and whistles as a friend put it so eloquently), but yes, folks, mark your calendars...I have started a blog! Can I tell you how excited I am!? (I'm excited).

Road Trip!

This past weekend I traveled 955 miles to Kearney, Nebraska to see my cousin Sean get married. 14 hours in a car! By myself! Actually, the ride up wasn't bad at all, thanks to lots of music (people probably thought I was psycho, dancing in my car, but when you got Barlow Girls and the soundtrack from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you just gotta dance). Don't worry, I also listened to ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Casting Crowns, Todd Agnew...and listen to a book on CD that my friends Josh and Lisa loaned me. T0 be honest, I think it was the excitement of getting to see family I haven't seen in 6 years and meet some family for the first time (like my Grandpa's brothers and sisters) that kept me wide-eyed and bushy tailed. I had such a wonderful time! I hope to return in September 2008 for our family reunion (never been to one of those). I've also informed my Dad that I am dragging him along, after all, it's his family. I've got a bonanza of pictures to show you. Enjoy! (And Kansas is very very's almost concave!)

Here's Uncle Scott taking a look at the VERY high water level in his new lake. He and Laurie just bought 3 acres. It rained a ton the night before (I slept through it all!). Technically he owns half the lake. I asked him, straight-faced, if he was going to put a fence up in the middle. I received a dirty look for my efforts :).

Scott and Laurie's house. Super cute, great interior (with a basement). Homey, homey, homey.

Here's the patio on the side of the house (Aaron's the dude me a look...must run in the family). This was taken on Sunday after a BBQ (which I invited all of my great aunts and uncles too, and then called my aunt to make sure it was okay...she is so gracious!)

Here's the reason for going to Nebraska: Sean and Heather...aren't they cute!?


The rehearshal dinner was at this great bakery/coffee shop/sandwich plate. Sean and I both mistakenly took a lot of the mustard...which cleared your sinuses out really well. That's Aaron in the foreground.


Grandpa and Grandma Wallace and me...we had to be there 3 hours before the wedding for pictures. Made for some good photo oppotunities for those not in the wedding.

It was a fun wedding. I've got a bagillion more pictures, but I think you all get the jist.

Jack, Grandpa, Jim, Chuck, Ruth , and Norma

I asked Grandpa when the last time was that he had a birthday with his siblings. He said when he was 11years old. Imagine that, 64 years later celebrating with them again. Happy Birthday!
So all in all, a fantastic trip. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have this super fun family, even though I don't get to see them very much (or ever!). What an awesome gift!