Monday, September 29, 2008


I am too tired to post anything of scintillating interest...but I recommend the movie "Fireproof".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mud Run!

So, because of Ike, the Hi-Fi Tri on Galveston has been canceled. So, instead, I am signing up to do the Mud Run with a group of gals from work. It's a 10k obstacle the mud! Running and getting dirty, sounds like a recipe for fun!

And of course, my half-marathon training will start soon... :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My head has exploded...

So I walk into my apartment and...I HAVE POWER AND INTERNET!!!!!!


Praise God!

Perpetually grinning now :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home tomorrow!

I am so excited! I am going home tomorrow! Still no power, but I figure I can "tough" it out for awhile. The gym at work is open for folks without power to charge cell phones, use the internet, and shower, and it is only 3 miles from my house. My friends, Christina and Paul, have also opened up their home to me (and I will be borrowing their camping stove) and they live about 15 minutes away (trying to conserve gas!). Work opens on Monday.

Today I whiled away the hours camped out in a bakery reading through a stack of books and drinking the never-ending cup of coffee :). Then I stocked up on dry goods, water, and ice. I'll be home-sweet-homing it this time tomorrow night.

I am so thankful for Angie and Andrew housing and feeding me for the past week. They are great friends and have been wonderful company. Thanks guys!

Girls Group Excitement!!!

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to co-lead a group of AMAZING young women at our church with my good friend Pam. I've blogged pics of these gals before, but I am going to give some more detail on what we do, 1) because I have the time :) and 2) Because I am working on stuff for it right now and was just so excited about it that I had to share.

My friend Pam, who is a 3rd year medical student, and I have busy schedules. Duh. This year, 4 of our "older girls", those that have graduated high school and are now in college, are going to continue to help us out and also gain some new responsibilities.

We're adding 12 new girls to our group! Holy moly! That makes a total of 24 girls, if everyone is able to come. Yikes! We're bringing in some younger girls this year too- a few twelve year olds- but they are ready.

The whole point of this group is for these girls to have an opportunity to walk out their walk with their peers. What's a "walk" you ask? Once someone accepts Jesus Christ as their savior- ie realizes that they are a sinner and need forgiveness, asks for that forgiveness, and receives forgiveness, and begins living their life for God and not for themselves, their "walk" with God begins. It's a lifelong walk of being disciplined, receiving joy, learning, and growing closer to God and becoming more like Him. This groups gives the girls the opportunity to discuss Biblical lessons, apply them to their lives, pray for one another, and start holding each other accountable with other girls near their own age.

Some of the topics we are going to be covering this year are the following (in no particular order):

The Gospel and What This Group is About
Friendships- with both Christians and non-Christians
True Beauty and Modesty
Persecution- The Cost of Being a Believer

Our girls will also be put into prayer groups, led by one of the 4 older girls I mentioned. Here they will be discussing what they are reading in the Bible, making prayer requests, getting to know one and another more, and ultimately seeking to glorify God.

I am just so excited about this next year of Girls Group. I learn SO much from these girls. Even I take notes during our meeting as they share unique perspective and wisdom. So, if it pops into your head during your prayer time, please pray for our group- that Pam and I will be diligent and dedicated to working with these girls, that God will grow us together as sisters, and that He will be honored through our actions and words. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It doesn't work...

So, no matter how many times I refresh the page where people are posting which addresses have power, it doesn't seem to incite MY address to pop up there. Bummer.

Stir-craziness is setting in. I can't focus to read, or do some random things I have to do.

I went out to lunch today with two of my friends from college, Jeff and Lasse. Jeff was my deputy on the satellite program I worked on and Lasse was the prop lead. It was fun catching up with them (they are both phD students at A&M). Then I met up with Heather and the kids (Eric is down in Alvin making repairs and cleaning up the fallen trees) and we hung out for a bit at the mall, letting the kids play on the little indoor playground. It was nice to yet again get out and about and not OCD about the silly power website. :)

Verizon rocks

So, since evacuating on Wednesday, I have sent/received just about 600 text messages (I know, that's crazy!) Well, my limit is 250...can you say holy high bill Batman? Yeah, that's what I was thinking. So I called Verizon today (at the advice of my mom) and explained the situation. They retroactively upped my plan so I only have to pay the difference of the two plans (which is $10!) for this billing cycle! So nice!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So very minor roof leak at my place...and that's it!!!! Yay!!! There are trees down EVERYWHERE (the view from my balcony looks very different now). My part of the bay must have been protected from the worst, because about a half a mile down the shoreline, there are a few apartment complexes that got smashed...there are boats sitting in between the rows of apartments! I took pics of the fallen trees and such, but not like that is anything new. The pictures of the boats on the road and stuff, well, there were a lot of people around who live in that area and I just felt bad taking pictures of their misfortune, so you'll just have to picture the scene in your head. No power or water though, so I'll be here for a little bit. I may move back down to Houston once friends in the area get power back, so at least I can be closer...but from the reports of my friends, God was very merciful. It could have been sooo much worse.


So, the city of Seabrook website: is allowing those west of 146 (me) to head in...however, there is a report posted on one of the news stations that our sewer system is totally gone, so we can't come, conflicting info. Very helpful. Since I am ever the optimist, I think I am going to stop by the grocery store here in CS, stock up on water and dry goods and head down this morning, just to check things out. I'll drop off the supplies if I can and then figure out what I need to do from there. I've been told that JSC won't open until at least Thursday and I have nothing better to do with my time than stare at cows :) ...the drive (its only 2 hours and I can do it on less than a tank of gas...meaning I can re-fill in CS) will be welcomed. Standby for pics from my excursion!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still no news...sigh

A friend of mine headed back into Clear Lake today and tried to go to my apartment to see what the damage was. Officials aren't letting anyone into Seabrook at this time, so I will continue to wait patiently. Here's a picture of some of the debris near my place. My apartment is just off on the left hand side of this picture (on the shore).

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Start of the aftermath

Still trying to find out about the damage in my area. A friend saw my apartment complex on TV and said it looked okay, structurally,- so that's reassuring...very glad that I am on the second floor since that area was underwater... it looks like the road (146) that goes by Kemah is completely covered with debris (lumber, boats, etc). I didn't recognize Kemah bridge...I think some of the houses around there might be gone...maybe it was just the camera angle...

Right now we are getting some winds and a lot of rain here in College Station. A tree fell down out front (just missing the power lines!- so we still have power and internet...cozy in the house :) ).

I got a report that a tornado hit in Pearland, and sounds like it damaged/destroyed? one of my girls's house...I'm hoping it just ends up being damaged. But they are safe, thank God. Pray for the McDuffie family.

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Something wicked this way comes..."

So can I just say that I am very glad that I left Houston? Currently the eye of the storm is predicted to pass just to west of where I live...Here's a predict of the storm surge, don't know how much living on the second floor will help with a 20 foot surge (I live in the brown area)...lovely:

On a brighter note, I think I am going to go get a run in right now and then Angie and I are going to go shopping and see the latest Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movies...Texas A&M is closed for today so she doesn't have to work! Yay!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In College Station...

Thanks for all the calls, texts, and emails...I am safely in College Station. The drive up here was SO much shorter than for Rita (also because I left before they started the mandatory evacuations). But I must state that I do not enjoy traveling with pets to be exact. Eggs has a cry that has a decibel level you wouldn't believe. And there is nothing like your cat (Eggs, who wasn't in a cage since I couldn't free it from my storage closet) climbing over the back of the seat, over your shoulder and into your lap while you are driving and talking on the phone...and then proceeding to pee on your favorite purse (the cool orange one, that has now been discarded...gotta go buy a new purse now). And then Bacon, who is in his carrier (with the door open and a litter box RIGHT in front of his face) decides to poo. Small quarters and cat poo= watery eyes. So I had to pull off and clean that up. I ended up pulling into Angie and Andrew's place about 2am. And now I am going to bask in the fact that I am still in my pajamas at 11:30 in the morning, getting uninterrupted time to study my Bible, read books, enjoy friends, and just relax- and not WORK. Ah, joy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh bother....

Can I tell you how tired I am of looking at NOAA and Wunderground and Stormpulse websites? I live like 300yds from the water, and with the predicts of a 12-18ft storm surge where it is hitting NOW (meaning it could get worse if the storm heads more east), I've decided to play it safe and head to College Station for the next couple of days. But, I will get to see friends whom I haven't seen in awhile, so that's always fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


My apartment is too quiet now...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Last day with the fam :(

So today we went to JSC and Monica and John Michael got a super quick tour of MCC (JM likes the stairs...not so much into space right now :)...that will change if I have anything to say about it). Then we fed the ducks, which I think was his favorite part. We breezed in and out of Space Center Houston since hunger and lack of sleep are not a good combination for a little guy. Here are some of my favorite pics from today:

This morning, before trying his first kolache (he's now a big fan of the sausage and cheese)

Ooh, buttons to push in the Apollo mission control room

Feeding the ducks

Feeding himself

The ducks are trying to get me!

Pretending to be Aunt Sissa...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beach Day

So a couple of random things first:

Today we went into a store and walked by some clothes and John Michael goes "Cute clothes!" and "How cute!"...I must admit this is my and Monica's fault, from our 6 hour Galleria shopping adventure the other day. This boy will need some serious Daddy time when he gets home :)

And my sister thinks I eat too healthy...I am going to take that as a compliment. She needed a junk food fix last night and had to make do with my 100 calorie pack of peanut butter cookies...hehehe...

John Michael has been a bit under the weather the last couple of days...some asthma issues, so we weren't sure if the beach was going to be a good idea. However, he woke up today feeling much better, so after I put in a couple of hours at work this morning, we headed to the beach! The weather was GORGEOUS today, even by Monica's standards :)


I love this picture of Monica...

Playing in the sand

This was his cape...he was running around in circles and trying to watch it fly out behind him

Drying off...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 3- Aquarium

Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid

So the word "fishies" has now been permanently added to my vocabulary. We headed to the Moody Gardens Aquarium first thing this morning. John Michael (we call him Bubba too :) ) LOVES fishies...and sharks..and...seahorses...and turtles...and yes, he knows all the names so he was walking around calling out all sorts of marine biology names while Monica and I were struggling to remember such names as "horseshoe crab" and "nautilus" to add to his vocabulary. (By the way, hearing a little kid say "nautilus" is really is "anemone"...hehehe).

John Michael and "Sissa" (someday there'll be an "aunt" in front of that :) )

Cool fish- no idea what it is...


Other cool fish...remember, I like bright colors :)

I'm tired so I am going to lay down in the shark cage...

Yes, I am a cutie...

We then hit up The Strand, which is SO not stroller friendly and drove along the seawall (we'll be back for beach time later this week).