Monday, March 29, 2010

Get ready....

Coming to a blog near you (like, really in, the one you are reading now)...Melissa's Do-It-Yourself EXtravaganza! That's right, I am a homeowner now...and that means...PROJECTS!!! So expect to see postings in the near future...before and after pictures included :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gma's Birthday

"Gma" is short for cousins and I have shortened our traditional "Grandma" to that for texting purposes...and I sometimes call her "Gee-maw"...she thinks I am weird :)

After Tima's wedding, my brother and I drove to Tucson for Grandma's 88th birthday. This birthday was a big deal because just over a month ago, she was in the hospital having emergency surgery to fix two preforated hernias...a big deal for an almost 88 year old woman with breast cancer and major stroke history. We are all so glad that we get to have her with us longer and it was only by God's grace and mercy that she made it through surgery, recovered at a miraculous pace, and was released from the rehab center about 3.5 weeks after the surgery. She's a bit on the frail side right now and gets tired easily. But she can eat birthday cake with the best of them :)

Look at all those birthday flowers behind her. And by the way, no, she doesn't color her hair! (Can I tell you how excited my sister and I are with those genes!?)

Making a wish

Love her smile in this one...

Monday, March 22, 2010

TimaSue's Wedding

My best friend got married this past weekend!

I met TimaSue my second day on campus- she was my next door neighbor in the dorms. We quickly became friends and every year after that, lived together (dorms, apartment, house, and townhouse...the last two years, joined by her sister Katrina, and the last year, by her brother Anthony). She's come out to visit me since I've moved to Texas, and I always go back for Tamale Day with her family. It was such a joy to share her special day with her. I am so happy for both her and Mark (who is just plain awesome :) ). Congratulations you two!!!!

Blast from the past- our 19th birthdays...10 years ago!

Spring Break 2000

My college graduation

Rehearsal dinner

The lovely bride and her lovely sister

Aww, Mark and Tima are married!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bikeish Upgrades

For Christmas, my awesome padres bought me carbon fiber aero bars for my bike. Aero bars are used by triathletes to get into a more aero dynamic position on your bike and it also helps take weight off of your leg muscles, which you desperately need for the run of this:

This is Pip Taylor. She is awesome.

Here's my bike with its new fancy schmancy aero bars:


Profile Design Carbon Stryke Aero Bars
I tried them out this morning, a bit scary, but nothing I can't get used to after more practice. Thanks padres!

Oh and what would my bike be mounted on? Oh that would be my snazzy new Saris Bones 3 bike rack. Bought at the same store as my bike and my shoes, so here's how the conversation went:

Me: I need a bike rack for my car
Bike guy: This one will work well for you
Me: It's nice but waaaay out of my price range
Bike guy: I'll give you 15% off
Me: Still outta my price range
Bike guy: Let me see what I can do (goes off to the computer and comes back). I can give you 25% off.
Me: Still too much
Bike guy (a bit exasperated)- well, what is your price range?
I told him
Bike guy: I'll let you have it for 40% off.
Me: Done.


Saris Bones 3 rack