Monday, October 19, 2009

Mis padres

My parental units came to visit me last week. We had a blast! As I mentioned before, I woke them up at 5am (3am their time...after they came in on a 10pm flight the night before- bad daughter! :) ), dragged them to my race (the first athletic event they have EVER watched me participate in since I was very much the anti-sport child). Then we went to church and had the Smythes and Millers over for hospitality afterwards. Monday started out with a much needed stop at Antigua coffee shop for my dad and I and then we headed to Austin. Strolled South Congress, visited the capital building, and thanks to Lindsey's fantabulous recommendation, ate dinner at The Salt Lick, where I had the privilege of encountering the BEST RIBS EVER. Remember, I live in Texas now...many places have very very good ribs. These are hands down the best I have ever eaten. I, of course, forgot to take my camera everywhere. We finished up their trip hanging out in the Montrose area and then visting MFAH (the fine art museum). The Moon exhibit is pretty cool, by the way,- geeky me was drooling over the original Galileo book 'Sidereus Nuncius' (Sidereal Messenger). I read about him writing it in 'Galileo's Daughter', by Dava Sobel (great read, slow, but extremely interesting). Here are some of the pictures my mom sent me- because as I mentioned, I am a slacker and I didn't take any.

My dad and I (there was a really neat statue behind us...good job Mom ;-) )

Mom does a wicked good Charlie's Angels pose, doesn't she?

Aww, my Mommy

Best ribs ever. E...V...E...R.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

USA 10 Miler Race

This race fell in a good place for our half-marathon training. Even better, my parents were in town and I dragged them down there to cheer us on :). We averaged a 10:16 mile.

me and Lisa, post race

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random Bacon

This was Bacon today as I was trying to type...apparently he is attention starved...

Megan's Baby Shower

I really have become quite horrible at taking pictures to document my are the few I took from Megan's shower this weekend at our house...

baby shower food :)

Super cute cupcakes made by Claire

Little feet cookies, compliments of Carolyn Y.

Okay, I know both of their eyes are closed, but I love this picture- two gals (Adrienne and Lindsey, the hostess), enjoying a laugh together...

The momma-to-be, Megan, Sonya, Sue (w/Kerith) and Heather

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby shower invites

Here's the latest in my invitation making endeavors- baby shower invitations for my friend Megan:

The info for the shower is under each of the letter flaps...modern baby blocks if you will :)