Friday, December 25, 2009

Random pics from my visit so far

Just a hodgepodge of pictures:

Chad, Lynn, little Roman, and me after a concert at their church

This is my parents' dog, Cinnamon, she is awesome (she was kinda annoyed that I was interrupting her nap here...I think). She's a lab/heeler mix.

Christmas toy!

My bro, really excited about his new snowboarding hat :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Since a large snowstorm has prevented me from going to Flagstaff to visit my aunt and uncle :(, I headed down to Tucson a couple of days early.

Grandma and I decorated the yummy sugar cookies Mom made before she headed up to Boise to visit Monica and family.


Yummy cookies!

Tamale Day 2009

Once again, I headed to Florence, AZ for Tamale Day with Tima and her family (sans Mom, since she is in Boise visiting the new grandson). They broke a record this year- 103 dozen tamales made!

Tima and Phyllis loaded the tamales to be steamed

Me, Andrew, and Dylan- stuffing tamales

Love this picture of these ladies- Dylan, Mary, and Lee

Terry spreading masa on the ojas

Tima and Mark, hard at work, and counting down until the game (Cowboys vs the Saints...)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cards

Last year, I was too busy with my flight to make Christmas cards. I honestly think I am even busier this year, but thanks to my Cricut machine that I bought during the Black Friday sale, I about halved the time it usually takes to design and make them. Here you go:

Ankle status

It's getting better! I'm seeing this chiropractor that my friend Jessica recommended. She uses Active Release Technique (ART) therapy and the Graston technique.

Turns out, I have really weak hip muscles and my ankle just got tired of compensating and starting protesting. I've had 4 treatments (the above therapies plus lots of good hip strengthening exercises- bonus, these exercise also TONE. Woot!) and the ankle is feeling much better. In fact, I ran 4 miles yesterday and it didn't hurt at all! The trick, now, is getting the rest of me to learn this "new" (ie correct) ankle position. So my knees are twinging and so is my lower back...all very minor, just my body getting used to being able to move my ankle. Seriously, learning how your muscles work together is fascinating. God designed our bodies so intricately- it's mind blowing really.

It's also been very humbling to have it so blatantly pointed out by my limited range of motion how much more "in shaping" I have yet to do. The perfectionist in me wants it to happen NOW...but I know that in time, I will improve and hopefully, this added flexibility will mean fewer injuries. Yay!

So Houston Half Marathon, here I come!

My second nephew, Carter!!!!

My second nephew, Carter Anthony was born on December 2nd. I can't wait to meet the little guy next month!

Yeah, he was 9lbs 3oz...look at those cheeks!

John Michael getting to meet his little brother- he's touching Carter's hand...oh my gosh could that be any sweeter?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Party #1

So Pam, Claire, and I invited the singles from our church and from another church over for some festivities. The couple that heads up the other singles group had planned a party for the same night, so we ended up combining the two. Desiree had the idea to have a tacky Christmas sweater party. It was a lot of fun. The outdoor fireplace seemed to be a hit. Thanks Sholls for letting me borrow it!

Desiree went ALL tacky- hair and 80s makeup included!

Natalie also went all out, tinsel headband and wig

Part of the spread (snowflakes compliments of my AMAZING Cricut)

Lynn and me- I glued ribbons onto a sweater I had shrunk accidentally and tied bells on the ribbons. I was very noisy.

Natalie, Sara, Joseph, and Alex chowing down in their tacky get-up (albeit Sara, she was festive, not tacky :) ).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston!

Yay! For the second year in a row, it snowed in Houston. It didn't stick at work, but it did where I live.

The snow view from my window at work

Yes I took a picture of wunderground...

Backyard the next morning- still snow on the rooftops...