Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Big Kitchen Reveal

Okay, it's not completely finished. I will be adding hardware to the doors, getting outlets/covers that match with the tile better, and at some point (a MUCH future point) I will be getting new floor tile...but for now here it is (no, the faucet isn't completely installed. I am waiting, as I type, for the plumber to reconnect the sink, and then I will install it myself to save 200 smackaroos...)

Before- love me some pink Formica

I didn't know they were going to add the granite windowsill- I really like it!


After- porcelain and glass tile backsplash


After- they added about 6 inches, which I hadn't asked for, but I like- hmm, short barstools mayhaps?


After- they also extended the top part of this "bar"


:) I love this glass tile!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Geek Shirt #1

I have a geek shirt #2 coming in the mail...but I can't post it until after Father's Day...'cause I got my dad the same one :)

Geek Shirt #1

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cupness

Ah, the wonderful time of World Cup...at least 3 soccer games a day...LOVE IT.

Here's proof that I have tickets to the World Cup (Ghana vs Germany...and after seeing Germany play Australia today, I'm a bit more sad I can't be there)...'course, we aren't going...airline tickets were just TOO expensive (seriously, like $2600-$2900), so we (my bro, Jana, and Scott) decided back in January that we'd wait until Brazil in 2014...

For the US vs England game on Saturday, some of my co-workers decided to head to a park in downtown Houston called Discovery Green to watch the game on a big screen that was being set up in the park. Barry, Adrienne, and I carpooled together and ended up with some great front-row-on-the-grass seats. It was pretty muggy and hot out, but the crowd was great! Good times!

Barry, me, and Adrienne

Go USA!!!

da big screen...

wicked hot, 90 deg, 60% humidity