Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Expectations versus Reality

We started me on a new pain management regimen on Friday and I've had a few bumpy days. Trying to figure out when break through pain might hit and get ahead of it, rather than being surprised by it is tricky. Yesterday was unexpectedly rough and I ended up sleeping a good portion of the day. I am working on getting into my primary care doctor to help me track and trace all these different symptoms that I'm experiencing - it's hard to sort out what's meningitis pain/recovery versus lupus.

I am still making forward progress when it comes to daily tasks and I am seeing small improvements in stamina. I can visit with friends for about 1.5 hours before my head gets too "full" and I need to rest. The concentration that's required to converse/process seems to irritate my head and hearing and vision get increasingly worse. The good news is resting definitely resets all of that, so I am having some decent moments during the day too.

I'm learning how to spend my spoons during this recovery - it's different than just with the lupus. Right now, my mornings start early due to being uncomfortable and "time to take your meds" times. I get up and make Jim's lunch (so thankful I can manage that now for him) and make my breakfast. He leaves for work and I head back to bed to rest. We're having friends come "babysit" from 10am-2pm so I can have help getting lunch and to have a social visit. Afternoons consist of resting more - sometimes listening to a book on Audible or spent coloring. Screen time is very limited because it quickly causes brain fuzziness and vision issues.

I told Jim the other day that I experienced a first, I was just laying in bed, in the cool darkness of our bedroom, and just resting. Not thinking, not trying to figure out what I could do to keep healing. I was just THERE. And I thought, "Lord, is this what it feels like to rest in You, because, this is kind of nice!" :). Each day, I feel  I learn something new about resting in Him. I rattle of lists of things I am thankful for and remind myself, sometimes out loud, to just be still and to be content in the moment and not think ahead. Such a different way of thinking for my loves-to-be-doing-and-going-do-ALL-the-things personality.

Your ways are not my ways.

Before all this started, I had started my own study on Expectations versus Reality, but specific to this new married life that I am blessed to experience. I had even started writing a post in my head. This current trial fits in well with what I was beginning to learn. My lupus had started flaring pretty soon after we returned from the honeymoon and I was struggling to be the wife I wanted to be while feeling so lousy. The Lord showed me that I was setting all sorts of expectations that neither He nor Jim had - I wanted to be the perfect wife, the perfect homemaker. How was I not able to get stuff done when I had friends who are full-time working moms and they were able to pull it off brillantly? I was measuring myself against them and falling short in my eyes. I was trying to learn a new spoon juggle and was overspending everywhere.

Like a smack upside the head one morning while doing my bible study, I realized what I was doing. I was considering my standards more important that God's. I had crammed myself into my little "Perfect Wife" box with a certain set of rules and standards and was leaning on my own strength and knowledge and wisdom (snort), and not His. A wonderful dialogue started with me asking for forgiveness for my arrogance that I KNOW BEST, instead of Him and then looking at what it means to surrender my expectations to His reality.

What are His expectations of me, me not just as a wife, but as a follower of Him?

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and "you shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37-39)

In my study so far, that's it. The other commands I've come across so far about how to be a follower of Jesus, how to be a loving sister, daughter, friend, wife, mother, fall into those two commands, the Great Commandments.

Wow, do I overcomplicate things :).

And so, as I sit in this season of needing to rest, to be still, I am trying to focus on those two things - loving the Lord and loving others., not on what I can or can't do or accomplish right now. The struggle is real folks, to do this, but with His grace, I know I can, because He sustains, equips, and provides for His children.

My expectations of myself did not reflect the reality of what God was and is asking me to be. And His way is so much better. How hard it can be to surrender and trust, but when we do, oh what a sweet place He has for us to rest.

In Him.

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Hannah Gronseth said...

Oh Melissa, how I feel for you, and how much I relate to what you shared about trying to be the "perfect wife " that others manage to be but that sick people like us cannot expect to fulfill. Your words were an encouragement and a good reminder to me. Thank you for sharing your lessons, though I know they've been hard won. I'm so sorry for the difficult trials you've been through. I'm so grateful you're alive though! Much love and prayers, Hannah Gronseth